Bacterial Cell Bank

Customized Bacterial Culture Collections

  • Do you need a microorganism cell bank for your natural samples that is as diverse as possible, and even includes rare species and previously uncultured species?
  • Do you need microorganism cell banks from small sample volumes, restricted samples (e.g., patient biopsies) or highly dilute samples?
  • Would you like to add sample-specific growth stimulators such as tissue fluids from biopsies or gut lavage, but you also deal with limited samples?
  • Are you looking for an efficient way to singularize cells of complex communities and obtain guaranteed monoclonal colonies in standard lab formats such as multiwell plates with minimal turnaround time and dramatically reduced consumption?

Biomillenia microbial banking capabilities generate bacterial collections sampled from various environments such as soil, plants, humans, animals, or bodies of water. Microorganisms are extracted from these environments following proprietary workflows and then encapsulated into tens of millions of microscopic bioreactors. This enables bacterial growth parallelization between individually isolated microorganisms in extremely small volumes. These cultures can be generated and maintained under aerobic or anaerobic conditions. Other culturomics factors such as incubation time, choice of medium, or temperature are also adjusted to yield optimal regrowth. This unique culture environment significantly improves the diversity of the cultured microbiota compared to traditional culture methods, resulting in bacterial cell banks containing a broad variety of bacterial strains from the original sample, including previously uncultured bacteria.


The real-time assay capabilities of our platforms allow screening of cell banks, strain isolation, strain selection, and strain characterization. For example, analyzing enzyme activities or detecting secreted molecules in binding assays. The Biomillenia Culture Collection Service provides:

  • higher diversity bacterial culture collections
  • previously uncultured bacteria
  • microbiota strain banking
  • strain identification
  • next-generation sequencing
  • creation of proprietary bacterial collections
  • fast turnaround time and cost-effectiveness

Whether it is strain development, individual cell bank characterization, or bioprospecting, our experienced team will be ready to meet your cell banking and strain library needs. Our unique biobanking capabilities result from the combination of our proprietary microfluidic technology and our know-how in microbiology, culturomics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics. They allow us to capture the wide diversity of a sample or perform targeted isolation, scouting for specific species. In addition to reducing overall strain banking operation timelines, our approach allows us to deliver high-quality cell libraries with:

  • Guaranteed monoclonality of the cultures
  • Flexible identification: hypervariable regions (ex: V4), 16SrRNA full- length sequencing, full genome sequencing
  • Traceability: from sample to microorganism
  • Deliverability in “Master cell bank” ready cryotubes or MTP

And all our strain banks come with a free one-month strain bank backup, if anything happens during transportation, the collection will not be lost!

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