BIOMILLENIA partners with SOUFFLET on BIOprospect co-development of cellulolytic and proteolytic enzymes

Bacterial samples in cryovials

BIOprospectParis, France, December 1st, 2015—BIOMILLENIA SAS announces to partner with SOUFFLET BIOTECHNOLOGIES, a division of the french leading agricultural company SOUFFLET on co-developing novel enzymes within a BIOprospect project framework.

BIOMILLENIA’s BIOprospect offering creates novel industry solutions for the manufacturing of biology-based products by exploring new enzymes and microbes from natural samples at unprecedented throughput. Ultrasensitive detection of enzyme activities allows the analysis of microbes that cannot be cultured, delivering a breakthrough in the exploration and development of novel enzymes and microbes. BIOMILLENIA has signed an agreement with SOUFFLET to co-develop novel cellulolytic and proteolytic enzymes as additives to animal feed improving among other parameters feed digestability, resulting in enhanced growth for the animal and expanding the range of raw materials for feed formulations. The project has also been selected to be among the winners of the second phase of the Global Innovation Competition. The Global Innovation Contest was initiated by the french state following the recommendations of the 2030 Commission Innovation, chaired by Anne Lauvergeon to address the key issues of the world of 2030 with strong potential for the French economy and societal expectations.

“The agreement with SOUFFLET is a major milestone for BIOMILLNENIA in validating our unique product offering for the advanced development of microbe strains and enzymes. The BIOMILLENIA 300X platform combines magnitudes higher throughput and speed for screening of microbe variants or enzymes over traditional screening methods with our bioinformatics and advanced genomics capabilities which allow us to directly link a selected phenotype with its genotype based on our proprietary next-generation-sequencing (NGS) barcoding method,“ said Dr. Dirk Löffert, CEO of BIOMILLENIA. „High data quality even at the level of single cells and at a fraction of time compared to competing methods significantly boosts R&D productivity and success of our partner’s development programs.”

Terms of the partnership were not disclosed.

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BIOMILLENIA, a France-based privately held company, is a leading technology solution provider for the development of novel green chemistry products. BIOMILLENIA’s disruptive BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X platform, based on licensed technology that was developed by Harvard University, the BROAD Institute and ESPCI Paris, uniquely combines advanced genomics and bioinformatics technologies with microfluidics-based ultrahigh-throughput screening. This unique technology platform delivers novel enzymes and production strains for manufacture of chemicals and natural products at throughputs and speeds several orders of magnitudes higher than with traditional methods. BIOMILLENIA “Unlocks Nature’s Potential” for cost-competitive and sustainably manufactured novel biology-based products for a better life.


SOUFFLET BIOTECHNOLOGIES designs, manufactures and provides enzymes to the food industry. With its flagship brand Lyven, the company operates in the areas of wine and fruit processing, but also in brewery / distillery. In animal nutrition, it offers its enzymatic specialties to ruminants with the Bovimalt brand. The company designs and manufactures starters for AIT ingredients and Moulins Soufflet. SOUFFLET BIOTECHNOLOGIES has a major center for research and innovation dedicated to improving the performance of agricultural resources.

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