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Biomillenia is building the future of probiotics and microbial strain development using cutting-edge technologies from Harvard University, ESPCI, and the Broad Institute. Join a fast-paced and innovative start-up environment working with experienced management and scientific teams.

How to Apply

To apply for an open position, please send your CV and a cover letter in English to and reference the position title in your email. If you are not a perfect match for an open position but believe you can contribute to Biomillenia’s activities, please reach out to us.

Current Openings

Ph.D. position Early Stage Researcher (EVOdrops)

Become the Early Stage Researcher (ESR) for the BIOMILLENIA and Marie Curie fellowships’ scheme of the European Commission EVOdrops project.

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Company Description :

BIOMILLENIA is a French start-up company located in the north of Paris, France employing droplet-based microfluidics for the discovery and evolution of novel microbial strains and enzymes. In one aspect of our work, BIOMILLENIA creates new routes to develop faster and more effectively new enzyme variants and production strains for the chemical, agro, feedstock, food and healthcare industries. Building on our world-leading platform technology, we are magnitudes faster and more efficient in novel enzyme or strain development than traditional methods. BIOMILLENIA has a strong focus on industrial co-operations enabling our partners with a faster access to novel premium performance product solutions for the bio-based industries.

EVOdrops project description :

EVOdrops is a translational approach for microfluidics and biochemical methods towards the engineering of proteins and systems of industrial or therapeutic interest. Two fundamental aspects of protein engineering will be effectively combined:
1) Generation of a large and controlled genetic diversity usable as a pool of active catalysts containing unknown variants of interest.
2)Analysis and selection at an ultra-high throughput of libraries to identify improved variants fulfilling the user-defined constraints (rate of catalysis, specificity, stability).
The ESRs will be trained to develop and apply a global and multi-disciplinary approach based on key enabling technologies for high-throughput analysis in biological fields. Our overarching goal is to optimize processes at all levels of the chain of operation to reach ultra-high throughput, improved sensitivity and reliability of systems for the selection of variants of fundamental, medicinal, practical and industrial interest.

The candidate must be interested in a multi-disciplinary approach mixing physics, chemistry, biology and engineering and must have experience in one of these areas. A good level of English is required, as well as good communication skills and reporting capabilities.

Further requirements and information:

  • Education level: Masters or engineering school
  • Experience (less than 12 months): recent graduate
  • Contract type: CDD contract of 36 months
  • Annual brut salary: 38 000€
  • Annual mobility allowance (if applicable): 7 200€
  • Annual Family allowance (if applicable): 3 000€

Localisation: Romainville, France


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