Congratulations Thomas Duboys, PhD Student!

Thomas Duboys, PhD

“Development of a gut model system for the identification of anti-inflammatory probiotics”, Thomas Duboys. (07/07/2021)

Biomillenia is proud to announce that our PhD student, Thomas Duboys, has successfully defended his thesis entitled “Development of a gut model system for the identification of anti-inflammatory probiotics” and as a result has obtained the title of Doctor of PSL University!
This project was carried out in collaboration with the Laboratoire de Biochimie (LBC) at ESPCI under the supervision of Andrew Griffiths (LBC) and Guansheng Du (Biomillenia) and was partially funded by the ANRT through CIFRE financing.

With dysbiosis being the leading theory behind the occurrence of inflammatory bowel diseases, causing an imbalance between inflammatory and anti-inflammatory microorganisms within the microbiota, and due to the trillions of microorganisms inhabiting the gut, solutions are needed to help identify potential Live biotherapeutic Products (LBP) within the enormous intestinal microbial community.

During his PhD, Thomas took on the challenge to overcome these issues and developed technology that demonstrated the potential to individually isolate and upscale the growth of microorganisms with anti-inflammatory activity from a microbial population. State of the art microfluidic technologies was exploited to create an ultra-high throughput workflow, with co-culture and close interaction in capsules, between investigated microorganisms and a gut cell reporter of inflammation.

Congratulations on this great accomplishment Thomas!

Romainville, Paris on the 7th of July, 2021.

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