Skin Microbiome Model


Over the last decade, scientific evidence has shown the importance of the microbiome for human life. Its popularity among the public has grown, and it has become a major consumer trend.

Today, evaluation of the impact of a compound on skin microbiota is mainly done directly on human volunteers; the difference between microbiota before and after product application is assessed by a next generation sequencing. While well-suited for a formulated product, this type of testing is not ideal for screening ingredients in the early stages because of cost, low throughput, non-reproducible results, and the need for products with minimum formulation and safety data.

Thanks to its long-standing experience in microbiology and microbiome projects, Biomillenia created a representative microbiome in-vitro model that allows precise predictions of the impact of a compound on skin microbiota. In a proprietary study on human volunteers, Biomillenia generated a detailed sequencing dataset at unprecedented taxonomic resolution of four body sites: the face, scalp, armpit, and forearm. Based on this proprietary data, the prevalence, abundance, and diversity of skin commensals and pathobionts of each body region was precisely defined and translated into a dedicated in vitro model representative model microbiome, allowing meaningful insights on a compound in a few weeks:

Microbiome friendliness

checking if skin microbiome diversity is preserved and the abundance of different species is unaffected

an ingredient’s capacity to inhibit harmful microorganisms and/or promote the growth of strains associated with healthy skin microbiota

These data can drive product development efforts and document regulatory files with high-quality data:

Testing on clinical strains
isolated from real-life consumers, and selected according to a comprehensive sequencing dataset done at unprecedented taxonomic resolution
Strain-by-strain mapping
get analysis of a compound’s impact on microbiota, including dose-response data
Robust and reproducible
obtain data from tests that all performed in quadruplicate

Choose from three options to benefit from Biomillenia’s microbiome know-how:

  1. Test ingredients on our standard model and get results in four weeks.
  2. Adapt our standard model by adding strains corresponding to specific goals. Choose from more than 1,500 aerobic and anaerobic strains!
  3. Develop a proprietary model relating to a specific body site or skin condition. Biomillenia has the technology to create models from any type of skin microbiome. Get complete ownership of the model, together with a detailed sequencing dataset and thousands of clinical isolates.

Real case studies

A European based ingredient provider  signed a multi-year agreement to research the microbiome. The aim of the collaboration is to identify new dermocosmetic active ingredients that promote skin health.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

plant leaves

An ingredient supplier* specializing in high value natural extracts from vegetal origin used Biomillenia’s skin microbiome model to better understand the interaction between its active ingredients and skin commensal. Following this work both formulation and recommended concentrations were adapted to meet microbiome promoting properties.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

skin cream

A leading international cosmetics company* wanted to study most commonly used ingredients in its products to determine the maximum concentration that should be used to remain microbiome friendly. The Biomillenia microbiome model provided detailed information to support this endeavor.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

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