Microbiology Assays and Microfluidics


Biomillenia is your “one-stop-shop” partner for microbiology-oriented research and development projects.

Our research team consists of experienced PhD-level professionals with state-of-the-art expertise in microbiology, culturomics, molecular biology and bioinformatics. Our laboratories are fully equipped for projects under aerobic and anaerobic conditions.

Our microfluidic experiments are run on our proprietary microfluidic platform, suitable for any type of microfluidic devices, with in-house microfluidic chip design and production.

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Biomillenia applies its expertise in different sectors (pharmaceutical, agriculture, personal care, industrial…) and technologies (traditional microbiology, mutagenesis, high throughput assays, cell-free expression…)

We are well organized to protect the confidentiality of your project and are available to provide a personalized approach.

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Real case studies

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An international company* with extensive libraries of compounds needed a high-throughput platform to screen their activity on specific targets. Biomillenia used its microfluidic capabilities together with DNA barcoding technologies to enable a fast and efficient screening in a microfluidic setup.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

A biotech company developing novel food ingredients through bacterial fermentation needed external resources to accelerate the development of new strains and meet its near-term goals. Biomillenia delivered desired strains within two months of signing the contract.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

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