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Microbiology is what we do. Our unrelenting focus has enabled us to develop unique capabilities in ultra-high-throughput single-cell culture of microorganisms. Businesses in areas as diverse as pharma, agriculture, food, human health and environmental protection have partnered with us to gain powerful competitive advantages from our technology.
So could yours. Our proprietary microfluidic platform is capable of identifying microbes of interest based on their functional characteristics among millions of candidates and performing a wide range of assays at previously impossible speeds.
microfluidic strain banking

Collect greater diversity than conventional microbiology methods

targeted isolation
Targeted Isolation
Capture strains according to their taxonomy and functionality
skin microbiome model
Skin microbiome model

Test ingredients with unprecedented accuracy

customized microbiology and microfluidics
Customized Microbiology and Microfluidics Projects
We meet you research and development goals
industrial microbiology
Industrial Microbiology

Select the best production strain out of millions of candidates

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