Strain Banking: targeted isolation of Strains


Isolation of bacteria and other microorganisms out of complex microbiota samples containing billions of commensals is nearly impossible using conventional microbiological methods… but is one of the major advantages of microfluidics. Selecting specific microorganisms based on their taxonomy, phenotype, or function is made possible by combining our expertise in microbiology, culturomics, molecular biology, and bioinformatics with the screening capabilities of Biomillenia’s extremely high-throughput (up to 8000 candidates per second) proprietary platform.

Biomillenia works with its commercial partners to isolate and develop smart microbes for safer, healthier, and sustainable microbe-derived products. We customize the project to meet your internal R&D and business needs, such as reporting formats, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis, and microbiology-based characterization of product candidates for a wide range of products and applications:

Live Biotherapeutic Products (LBPs)
Probiotic strains for human health and animal care
Identification of strains with natural inhibitory properties against pathogens
Biopesticides and biofertilizers for next-generation agriculture
Isolation of strains of interest for industrial applications
The microfluidic workflow applies specific culturomics strategies along with well-defined droplet selection for stringent selection and isolation of bacteria:
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Real case studies

nurse in uniform

In the context of increasing antibiotic resistance, the identification of strains that can naturally inhibit pathogens is an important milestone. Biomillenia supported an international human health company* in this effort, identifying strains with a specific inhibition profile within a particular genus.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

dairy cattle

An international biotech company* developing microbial-based products wanted to isolate strains with a specific phenotype from animal samples. In less than 4 months, Biomillenia delivered a selection of strains with the desired characteristics for several animal species.

*[undisclosed for confidentiality reasons]

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