High-diversity functional assays to de-risk microbiome products

  • Biomillenia works with its commercial partners to discover and develop smart microbes for safer, healthier, and sustainable microbiome-derived products.
  • We offer novel IP-protected biostimulant & biocontrol agents (BCA) for sustainable and competitive growth, developed at lower cost and faster time to market.
  • We customize the project according to your internal R&D and Business needs such as reporting formats, sequencing, and bioinformatics analysis, and microbiology-based characterization of product candidates.
  • We offer commercial partners joint bioactivity screens development for a broad range of product and applications:
    • Plant yield and robustness
    • Rhizobium and Rhizobiome bioprospection
    • Animal probiotics and plants probiotics (improved feedstock conversion, natural antimicrobials, resistance against mycotoxins, etc.)
    • Novel enzyme isolation or targeted enzyme evolution for robustness in production processes
    • Biopesticides
    • Biofertilizers
    • Nitrogen Fixation Bacteria

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