Biomillenia Launches Microbiome Culture Collection Service

Ability to identify novel bacterial strains based on functional traits at speeds and volumes never previously seen Partners will be able to create and build tailored, proprietary culture collection with previously unknown microbes Applications across industries – consumer health, food, animal health and agriculture Paris, France, 1st February, 2019 – Biomillenia, a company focused on restoring a robust and resilient …

Qiagen lab HQ Hilden

Biomillenia Leverages QIAGEN Bioinformatics in Microbiome-on-a-Chip Discovery of Unculturable Microbes

Collaboration data presented at 3rd Annual European Microbiome Congress Microbiome-on-a-chip technology capable of culturing, screening and isolating bacteria in single step while demonstrating targeted benefits QIAGEN’s Microbial Genomics Pro Suite enables analysis of microbial sequences and microbiomes Paris, France, and London, UK, November 28, 2017—Biomillenia, the developer of Smart Microbes™, announced today a collaboration with QIAGEN N.V. (NASDAQ: QGEN, Frankfurt …

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Paris, France, December 1st, 2016—BIOMILLENIA was selected as winner of the “Pitch Your Microbes” competition by the jury members at the European Microbiome Congress. The prize gives BIOMILLENIA access to the Johnson & Johnson Innovation JLINX facility. “This special recognition is a great support from the experts in the field valuing BIOMILLENIA’s unique capabilities for the discovery and development of non-GMO microbial …

Merck SF HQ

BIOMILLENIA collaborates with MERCK on BIOevolution project

Paris, France, October 4, 2016—BIOMILLENIA announces its collaboration with the life science business of Merck on the development of an improved enzyme used in vaccine production processes. Following a successful technology evaluation project employing BIOMILLENIA’s proprietary droplet-based microfluidic cell culture and screening technology platform, BIOMILLENIA and Merck will collaborate on the development of a market-leading enzyme in Merck’s portfolio of …

IPPG Building

BIOMILLENIA announces new scientific advisory board

Paris, France, August 15, 2016—BIOMILLENIA, an innovator in microbe strain development for the manufacturing of strains, natural ingredients and enzymes is delighted to announce the formation of its new scientific advisory board. The world-class team, consisting of leading experts from Europe and the U.S. who have made significant contributions in biotechnology, biological engineering, enzyme technology and microfluidics, will be chaired …

IPPG Building

BIOMILLENIA moves to new offices

Paris, France, February 23rd, 2016 BIOMILLENIA will move its laboratories and office to the newly built business incubator at the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute in Paris, France. Since starting operations in 2015, BIOMILLENIA entered into several agreements with leading companies in the US and Europe for developing improved versions of enzymes and production strains. The relocation of BIOMILLENIA to the IPGG …

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BIOMILLENIA partners with SOUFFLET on BIOprospect co-development of cellulolytic and proteolytic enzymes

Paris, France, December 1st, 2015—BIOMILLENIA SAS announces to partner with SOUFFLET BIOTECHNOLOGIES, a division of the french leading agricultural company SOUFFLET on co-developing novel enzymes within a BIOprospect project framework. BIOMILLENIA’s BIOprospect offering creates novel industry solutions for the manufacturing of biology-based products by exploring new enzymes and microbes from natural samples at unprecedented throughput. Ultrasensitive detection of enzyme activities …

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BIOMILLENIA launches the BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X products for more efficient development of bio-based chemicals and natural products

Paris, France, September 24, 2015—BIOMILLENIA SAS today launched the new BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X products for the development of bio-based chemicals and natural products. The product BIOprospect creates novel industry solutions for the manufacturing of bio-based chemicals by exploring new enzymes and microbes from natural samples at unprecedented throughput. Ultrasensitive detection of enzyme activities even allows the analysis of microbes that …

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Screen 30 million enzyme or strain variants in only a single day

Paris, France, September 10, 2015—BIOMILLENIA installed the second DIMENSION 300X platform, effectively doubling the company’s screening output to approximately 30.000.000 enzyme variants or microbial strains in a single day! Imagine what projects can be accomplished with such ultrahigh-throughput screening and assay capabilities. Let us know your ideas at info[at]!