Outsource your screening and development projects today

Access Biomillenia’s unique technology platform through fee-for-service projects to accelerate time-to-market and your process economics. Benefit from industry-leading screening throughput and obtain better results at higher speed and lower costs in metabolic engineering, enzyme evolution and strain improvement projects.


Our high-value services and benefits
  • Directed enzyme evolution

    unlimited throughput in screening for the best performance

  • Metabolic engineering

    significantly increase the number of constructs and iterations in testing

  • Strain improvement

    screen millions of strains in parallel

  • Strain agnostic

    bacteria, yeast, fungi, filamentous fungi or bacteria

  • Assay capabilities

    enzyme assays, reporter assays, growth assays, binding assays and more

Your ownership—get started now
  • Ownership

    our customers own new intellectual property on developed products

  • Proof of concept studies

    we transfer your assay onto our platform

  • Cost-effective

    proof of concept studies starting at € 50 000