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Boost your R&D with Unique
Biomillenia Services and Custom Projects

Biomillenia leverages its platform across multiple industries including the agricultural, pharmaceutical, food and chemical industries, and many more. Anywhere microbiology plays a pivotal role, we add speed and value. With our microfluidic platform, the sky is the limit.

Our team of experts in microfluidics, microbiology, molecular biology and bioinformatics can design specific protocols to streamline your R&D programs. Our platform is robust and well validated.

Read on to discover how Biomillenia’s platform can be successfully used for:

Customized Bacterial Culture Collections

Harness the power of microbes for your proprietary product development.


High-diversity functional assays to de-risk microbiome products.

Antagonism & Sensitivity Assays

Perform inhibition tests at a scale never envisioned before.

Bioprospection Service

Novel microorganisms and enzymes. Screen for desired phenotypes.

Bioprocess Optimization

Increase the probability of finding the most productive individuals.

High-Throughput Screening

Collaborative R&D projects.

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