Preventing Lifestyle Diseases with Smart Strains


What We Do

Biomillenia focuses on restoring a robust and resilient microbiota by isolating previously ‘uncultured microbes’ to develop next generation therapeutics and consumer health products.

Our product development focuses on topical and ingestible non-GMO smart strains that address microbial imbalance for skin, mother & child, immune and digestive health.

The Bacterial Ecosystem

Why Is This Important?

Supplementing nutritional and human health products with beneficial bacterial strains can help prevent diseases and improve overall well-being. However, detailed characterisation of live bacteria that could be developed into beneficial strains has been a technological challenge.

Balanced Microbiota (biosysis) to Unbalanced Microbiota (dysbiosis)

Where Is The Problem?

The human body harbours complex communities of microbes that play a prominent role in health and well-being. It is commonly accepted that imbalance of the microbiota (dysbiosis) strongly impacts lifestyle diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and allergy.

What Is The Solution?

Development of next generation products requires access to novel beneficial strains and a more comprehensive understanding of the mechanism by which bacterial strains influence the human microbiota.

Current state-of-the-art metagenomic and metabolomic approaches facilitate the study of the human microbiome; however, for these methods to ultimately enable modulation of the microbiota, such technologies will need to be able to discover, culture and undertake functional analysis of novel strains and variants.

Biomillenia’s Competitive Advantage

Biomillenia’s technology platform unlocks the microbiome’s potential by enabling microbe-based strains to be quickly and affordably phenotyped and isolated for product development.

The cultivation of bacterial species from human microbiota is achieved by having access to magnitudes of live novel strains. Direct access to live strains allows for better testing of the structure / function relationship and scientific evidence gathering of the beneficial impact of the strain(s) on a specific health condition.


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