Technology Platform

Functional analysis of microbes using our ultrahigh-throughput, single cell, lab-on-a-chip platform

Sample collection

Sample preparation

Single bacteria in droplet encapsulation

Strain growth, assay, and strain selection

Strain isolation and growth

Novel Beneficial Strains

Biomillenia has the know-how to culture and undertake functional analysis of microbes in low volume droplets using the Company’s proprietary lab-on-a-chip platform.

A key advantage of the platform is that it maintains a higher diversity of the original microbe sample; thus enabling Biomillenia to culture previously ‘unculturable’ microbes.

With a parallel throughput several magnitudes higher than conventional methods (>30,000,000 bacteria strains per day), Biomillenia can culture and screen live strains and variants for next-generation consumer health products in volumes that to date have not been economically feasible.

Microbial strains with improved desired phenotype

  • Ultra-high-throughput single cell culture and screening allows for the processing of tens of millions of variants in a single screen
  • Workflows can be repeated in rapid (weeks) turnaround time
  • A variety of assay capabilities allow direct selection of many desired phenotypes using non-GMO techniques

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