Bioprocess Optimization

  • Do you want to increase the yield of your bioprocesses by improving your strain selection?
  • Are you looking for novel enzymes and microorganisms for product development?
  • Are you searching for alternative enzymes and microorganisms that are not under patent protection?

The final yield of a bioprocess is directly linked to the efficiency of the strain used, regardless of whether it is engineered or not. Biomillenia's ultra-high-throughput screening platform, in synergy with digital culturomics, permits the identification and selection of organisms at a speed and scale that cannot be achieved by any other platform. Where bioprocess strains are usually selected out of thousands of candidates, we can start from millions, increasing by several-fold the possibility of finding the most productive individuals!

We recently partnered with Amyris to use our unique lab-on-a-chip technology for phenotypic screening of Amyris's engineered production strains.

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