The BioMillenia range


New enzymes directly from nature.

  • New enzymes from microbial samples or metagenomic libraries
  • No throughput limitation
  • All microbes tested in single cells—not just in cultivatable species

BIOprospect screens microbial samples or metagenomic libraries at ultrahigh throughput in single cells for the desired enzyme activities. Ultrasensitive measurement at the level of single cells ensures that we find the majority of active microbes—and not just those few species that can be cultured—delivering a major breakthrough in the search for novel enzymes and microbes.

BIOMILLENIA provides BIOprospect in exclusive partnerships for commercialization partners. Our partners select the desired product properties and exclusively market and sell products generated through BIOprospect. BIOMILLENIA retains the intellectual property and rights to the enzyme or microbial strain discovered and developed further.


No limits for enzyme and strain development.

  • Evolution of novel enzyme and production strain performance
  • No throughput limitation
  • Cost-effective proof of concept for your application
  • We transfer your assay onto the BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X platform
  • Proof-of-concept proposal starting at just €50,000

BIOevolution develops novel enzyme or production strain properties that go beyond the capabilities of conventional enzyme evolution or metabolic engineering strategies, which are negatively impacted by throughput limitations. Traditional approaches fail to identify the few beneficial variants in the vast background of disadvantageous mutations that accumulate over several rounds of enzyme evolution. BIOevolution opens up the screening arena to find those few highly desired variants that perform significantly better.

BIOMILLENIA provides BIOevolution in various partnering models to meet your product needs following the proof-of-concept phase. Our partners commonly own existing intellectual property and product rights.