Ingredient Testing For Microbiome-Friendly Products

Microbiome models with clinical strains, for reliable results

The Biomillenia microbiome models enable testing cosmetic ingredients to characterize their impact on skin’s microbial ecosystem, at high throughput. At all stages of your development, it will provide:
Biomillenia’s microbiome-on-a-chip platform captures the vast diversity of the microbiota using microfluidic single cell droplet cultures. Bacterial cells grow to monoclonal cultures in millions of parallel cultures. As a result:
Precise data, on relevant skin microbiome clinical strains
Fast results in 4 weeks, in a cost-effective manner
Easy communication of results with your customers, with our microbiome score!

The only microbiome model based on clinical data

Via a two-year research project, Biomillenia, a subsidiary of a pharmaceutical company, has developed the only skin microbiome models that assess the impact of ingredients on representative clinical microbiome strains.

In a clinical trial run in Europe and approved by EU authorities, Biomillenia sampled multiple body sites from 44 volunteers with diverse skin phenotypes, ages and genders. Samples allowed the following information to be generated:

A detailed sequencing dataset at unprecedented taxonomic resolution; giving the most detailed picture of prevalence, abundance, and diversity of skin commensals across the full cohort
A unique strain bank of clinical strains to enable ingredient testing
Based on this work, panels of consumer-derived microorganisms, representative of the in vivo microbiomes of the 44 participants were finally selected, opening the way to fast and reliable in vitro testing for cosmetic product ingredients targeting 2 body sites:

The Biomillenia microbiome models are made for professionals

Data driven: characterize the dynamics of microbiome when exposed to your ingredients, with dose response curves and detailed strain-by-strain results
Reliable: the only models supported by clinical data
Independent: endorsed by Biomillenia
Simple: easy communication of results with our microbiome score!

Ask for the highest quality data:

Tests run on a panel of representative clinical strains, selected on the basis of high-resolution sequencing data
Robust: all tests realized in quadruplicates, with 4 concentrations and measured at 3 timepoints
Models designed and performed in France, the leading European country for microbiome therapeutics and the worldwide reference of cosmetic industry
Backed by Biomillenia's expertise in microbiome field
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