STRAIN BANKING: access to the entire microbiome diversity

Biomillenia can capture the microbial diversity of your samples and turn them into a valuable biobank.
Biomillenia’s microbiome-on-a-chip platform captures the vast diversity of the microbiota using microfluidic single cell droplet cultures. Bacterial cells grow to monoclonal cultures in millions of parallel cultures. As a result:
Strain banks are created more quickly.
The diversity cultured in the droplets is high, resulting in better quality collections.
The process can be carried out under completely aerobic or anaerobic conditions.
The final strain bank can be enriched with species of greater interest using targeted culturomic approaches.
And all our strain banks come with a free one month strain-bank backup, so if anything happens during shipment, the collection will not be lost!

We master the entire process for you!

You want to have a strain bank generated for the first time? Don’t worry, we have already captured hundreds of thousands of isolates from hundreds of samples and will guide you on the way to successful biobanking:
Protocols and materials for collection and stabilization of samples to maintain their diversity (including anaerobic bacteria).
Taxonomic identification of the isolates by sequencing of a fragment of the 16S rRNA gene.
High throughput strain isolation with the ability to isolate specific species*.
Curated strain bank, with guaranteed monoclonality and traceability to the original sample.
Cultivation protocols for easy re-growth.
Further characterization of the strain bank, e.g. searching for a desired functionality or identification of the presence of antibiotic resistance cassettes.
International shipment of your strain bank, with free backup during biobank shipment.
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