Antagonism and Sensitivity Assays

  • Do you need to validate the impact of your Live Biotherapeutic Product (LBP) on certain species?
  • Would you like to screen a library with thousands of compounds and check sensitivity of certain microorganisms?
  • Would you like to understand which microorganisms within a whole microbe sample are protective against a specific pathogen?
  • Would you like to replace a pesticide by a natural biocontrol agent?

Biomillenia's microfluidic technology makes inhibition tests possible at a scale never envisioned before. Millions of droplets containing the studied stimulus (either live microorganism, molecules, natural compounds and many more) are separately generated on our chips. Then they are merged, one by one, at a rate of 2000 fusions per second. The newly formed droplet creates the perfect conditions for contact and interaction of microorganism and studied stimulus. After incubation, the droplets are screened at high throughput (up to 8000 per second). The droplets with the required characteristics are isolated for further assays or exported to microtiter plates for scale-up.

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