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The Biomillenia microbiome-on-a-chip technology platform is ideal for the analysis and isolation of bacterial strains from all types of samples such as tissue, soil, plant, human, animal or water. A microbial sample is distributed into tens of millions of parallel droplet cultures enabling clonal bacterial growth from single cells in very small volumes. The cultures can be maintained under aerobic, microaerophilic or anaerobic conditions.

Owing to this unique culture environment, the diversity of the cultured microbiota is significantly better preserved than with traditional culture methods. As a result, bacterial cell banks contain a broad variety of bacterial strains from the original sample, including previously uncultured bacteria. Because of our platforms' real-time assay capabilities, bacterial strains can also be screened and subsequently isolated by e.g. analyzing enzyme activities or detection of secreted molecules by binding assays.

Biomillenia‘s microbiome-on-a-chip platform is also ideal for finding novel antimicrobials or fungicides or to select improved strains from non-GMO variant screening campaigns.

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Customized Bacterial Culture Collections

Harness the power of microbes for your proprietary product development

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High-diversity functional assays to de-risk microbiome products

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Skin Health


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Bioprospection Service

Novel microrganisms and enzymes

Screen for desired phenotypes

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Enzyme Evolution Service

Improve particular enzyme characteristics

Screen the largest libraries for success

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Collaborative R&D Projects


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