DDNews: “Culturing the unculturable”

PARIS & LONDON—Late 2017 saw Biomillenia, the developer of Smart Microbes, announce a collaboration with QIAGEN N.V. for use of the latter company’s Microbial Genomics Pro Suite to generate next-generation sequence data on microbes identified using Biomillenia’s proprietary microbiome-on-a-chip technology. Biomillenia’s approach is able to identify strains of microbes previously deemed unculturable, at what it calls “unprecedented speeds.”

“The inability to culture, screen and isolate live bacterial species directly from the rich diversity of microbiota has previously been a significant limitation in research and product development. The combination of our microbiome-on-a-chip technology with QIAGEN’s industry-leading microbial genomics bioinformatics platform provides a complete and effective solution to this challenge,” said Dr. Dirk Loeffert, CEO of Biomillenia.

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