BIOMILLENIA moves to new offices

IPPG Building
IPPG Building

Paris, France, February 23rd, 2016 BIOMILLENIA will move its laboratories and office to the newly built business incubator at the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute in Paris, France.

Since starting operations in 2015, BIOMILLENIA entered into several agreements with leading companies in the US and Europe for developing improved versions of enzymes and production strains. The relocation of BIOMILLENIA to the IPGG building provides more space for the growing business and state-of-the-art facilities. „This marks an important event for our young company that supports our growth ambitions and strengthens our technology development. We are excited to be in close neighbourhood with world-leading experts and other companies who build their unique footprint in science and business based on microfluidics technology.“ said Dirk Loeffert, CEO of BIOMILLENIA.


BIOMILLENIA, a France-based privately held company, is a leading technology solution provider for the development of novel green chemistry products. BIOMILLENIA’s disruptive BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X platform, based on licensed technology that was developed by Harvard University, the BROAD Institute and ESPCI Paris, uniquely combines advanced genomics and bioinformatics technologies with microfluidics-based ultrahigh-throughput screening. This unique technology platform delivers novel enzymes and production strains for manufacture of chemicals and natural products at throughputs and speeds several orders of magnitudes higher than with traditional methods. BIOMILLENIA “Unlocks Nature’s Potential” for cost-competitive and sustainably manufactured novel biology-based products for a better life.

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