BIOMILLENIA launches the BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X products for more efficient development of bio-based chemicals and natural products

BioMillenia productsParis, France, September 24, 2015—BIOMILLENIA SAS today launched the new BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X products for the development of bio-based chemicals and natural products.

The product BIOprospect creates novel industry solutions for the manufacturing of bio-based chemicals by exploring new enzymes and microbes from natural samples at unprecedented throughput. Ultrasensitive detection of enzyme activities even allows the analysis of microbes that cannot be cultured, delivering a breakthrough in the exploration and development of novel enzymes and microbes. BIOMILLENIA offers BIOprospect in exclusive partnerships for development & commerzialisation partners.

BIOevolution overcomes today’s throughput hurdle in enzyme and production strain development. The unique „one-drop“ screening technology delivers screening throughput for enzyme evolution and metabolic engineering in the range of 100 million variants in only 3 days while simultaneously downscaling assay volumes a million-fold compared with traditional approaches. BIOMILLENIA offers BIOevolution already at a starting value of €50.000 for proof of concept studies that can quickly be transferred into partner development programs.

“BIOMILLENIA’s novel DIMENSION 300X products open up completely new product development opportunities for the green chemistry industry. The magnitudes higher throughput and speed of our platform combined with million-fold lower assay volumes creates a novel way to quickly and successfully develop new industrial enzymes or production strain properties,” said Dr. Dirk Löffert, CEO of BIOMILLENIA. “Our products will significantly boost R&D productivity of our partner’s development programs.”

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BIOMILLENIA, a France-based privately held company, is a leading technology solution provider for the development of novel green chemistry products. BIOMILLENIA’s disruptive BIOMILLENIA DIMENSION 300X platform, based on licensed technology that was developed by Harvard University, the BROAD Institute and ESPCI Paris, uniquely combines advanced genomics and bioinformatics technologies with microfluidics-based ultrahigh-throughput screening. This unique technology platform delivers novel enzymes and production strains for manufacture of chemicals and natural products at throughputs and speeds several orders of magnitudes higher than with traditional methods. BIOMILLENIA “Unlocks Nature’s Potential” for cost-competitive and sustainably manufactured novel biology-based products for a better life.

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