What we do

From nature to breakthrough products

Biomillenia develops non-GMO microbe strains and microbe-derived ingredients based on its unrivaled technology from the world’s leading microfluidics and genomics institutes. We discover novel strains from the huge amount of previously unculturable microbes and develop products that are beneficial in our daily life. Though we work in partnerships in many areas such as agriculture or animal feed, Biomillenia strives to become a disruptive innovator with novel product concepts for the food and cosmetics market.

Novel microbes for better living

  • Building proprietary microbe collections
  • Accessing the unculturable microbiome
  • Discovery of novel beneficial strains
  • Developing improved strains
  • Create products for better living


We also offer our unique technology platform in a fee-for-service to customers developing novel GMO-based products in the many biotechnology-driven market segments like the green chemicals market. We help to create new products for sustainable manufacturing with less environmental impact. Our customers are now able to fully harness the power of synthetic biology, directed evolution of enzymes and metabolic engineering. We complement these technologies with the unmatched speed and throughput of microfluidics-based ultrahigh-throughput culture & screening, increasing our customers R&D productivity at a fraction of the time and costs as for existing product development technologies.