New disruptive one-drop screening technology

Culture and screen 30 million strains in a single day

We unlock the unculturable microbiome
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    Novel beneficial microbes

    grow and isolate unculturable strains

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    Microbe collections

    foundation for future products

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    New insights

    study interactions between microbes

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    Breakthrough applications

    high-throughput testing of microbe-cell interactions

No throughput limitation
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    Complex robotics, liquid handling reduced to a tiny chip

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    Highly parallel

    >30 millions strains in a single day

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    Picoliter-scale operation

    microtiter plates replaced by droplets

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    range of assay capabilities

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    All on a chip

    cell encapsulation, reagent addition, and detection

From single cell to insight
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    One billion NGS barcodes

    cost-effective sequencing from each droplet

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    Phenotype-genotype link

    single-cell genomic readout